clean cut: smell like a man, takers style'

1. Chanel Bleu' 3.4oz 79.00 , 2. Marc Jacobs Bang' 3.4 oz 75.00, 3. Bvlgari Man' 3.4oz 79.00, 4.YSL La Nuit Del' Homme 3.4oz 75.00 available at Nordstrom

In the fancy lyrics of eloquentive rapper Drake; ‘better late than never’─ So I finally had the chance to view the action/thriller motion picture─TAKERS; featuring a distinguished collection of star studs─ Chris brown, Idris Elba, Paul Walker ,T.I and Hayden Christensen to name a salient few. I was riveted by the well-groomed/clever attire that was selected for the characters wardrobe. During the film I developed a cinema crush for the character─ A.J (Hayden Christensen) he exalted; with his spruce manner and complimentary urbane fedora. Did the silver screen inspire me? Profusely. Each character had their own distinctive style and demeanor. beenlabella.com decided to take matters into her own hands and tie her ferocious four with autumns trending fragrances.

1. takers star: hayden christensen
character: a.j–calm, cool and collective, suave with a touch of buoyancy
style scent: NEW Chanel bleu a classic blend of irresistibly entangled with spontaneous enticement, bleu is enriched with charismatic notes of citrus and woods

2. takers star: chris brown
character: jesse attica – effervescent and audaciously breezy, with a dash of innocence
style scent: NEW Marc Jacobs ‘Bang’, a spiced concoction of dominance, gripping notes of Black, Pink and White Peppercorn, Woods and Elemi Resinoid.

3. takers star: paul walker
character: john rahway- meek yet epic , expressing true rebelism
style scent: NEW BVLGARI ‘Man’, bona fide gentlemen, a cavalier layering of balmy notes of Bergamot, White Pear, Cashmere Wood, Vetiver and Musk

4. takers star: idris elba
character: gordon jennings-bodacious, composed and smart, organic boss
style scent: YSL Lanuit Del’ Homme, masculine mixed with mystification, fusional notes of ─Cardamom, Cedar, and Coumarin

*beenalabella.com essentially sampled each cologne for a precise description of the aroma


Anonymous said...

Chanel Bleu' smells so good & its worth the money. Trust me I have it...Glad you let me know what others smell good I'm going to look into them.

Caprece said...

I love mens fragrances on women, especially for fall.