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GoomBay design, fashion sketch designer Nykarlio

The notorious concrete jungle (NYC) isn’t the only respected landmark for fashion inspiration; muse defining designs are being washed ashore from island settings and culture chic locations.  Fashion sketch artist -Nykarlio ; encompasses his Bahamian ethos, the now 18 year old  designer  isn’t a fresh face to beenalabella.com, he was first featured in January 2010 ‘watercolors’. Oh but the tides have changed, the double feature artist rippled his latest sketches to all things GoomBay. Here’s his elucidation of the festive aesthetic “Being from the Bahamas, Goombay to me represents color, fun, excitement and energy. All of these elements happened to be what I wanted to portray in this particular line so I figured, "Hey, Goombay would be the ideal name." Everything in this line "POPS" and I made sure that all the pieces were filled with beautiful colors which for me, embody Goombay .

Junkanoo is one of our Bahamian cultures & The Goombay Festival has a very rich history with roots that go all the way back to Africa. The word Goombay relates to the beating of drums and dance that goes along with the Junkanoo costumes; that was brought to America through the Bahamas. Many of Key West's original Bahamian Village residents are of Bahamian decent. So, it is only natural that many of the customs and traditions of that culture where brought to America with them and we continue to celebrate these traditions annually,” so I decided to sketch based on the culture”─Can you say; la avant garde!; the culture kid is presently dipping his hands in the art of styling. For bookings email: Nykarlio_8@hotmail.com.

Ms.Bahamas wearing junkanoo design

nykarlio attending the junkanoo festival

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