mens style: drama king

who: Beau Averee, 20 what: Brazilian, Costa Rican, and Salvadorean. where: Long Island, NY why: theatrically androgynous stitched with a ferociously structured display

label: beau [bəʊ]
n pl beaux [bəʊ bəʊz], beaus [bəʊz]
1. a lover, sweetheart, or escort of a girl or woman
2. a man who is greatly concerned with his clothes and appearance; dandy

behind the seams: When life gets a little heavy, I meditate with semi-precious stones. They all carry very specific and powerful energies. They help me tremendously before I write. I'm currently in the process of writing my first book! I'm so excited to finally put my soul, heart, tears, and sweat into something that I know every reader will appreciate. It's a sci-fi/fiction novel about my experiences and inner thoughts. I believe that revealing your inner most hidden thoughts allows people to fully connect and relate to your art. Besides writing, I'm always high off of life. The inspiration that life itself gives me cannot be put into words. The colors. The sounds. The textures. The living. The dead. They all play an important role in everything I do.

tailor-made: My personal style is forever evolving. It changes like every few months, but currently it's along the lines of a Studio 54 "Party Monster" meets Karen-O.

fashion imprint: I've always been fascinated with the history of Egypt! At a young age, I studied their beliefs, lifestyle, and definitely clothing! I admire the fact that they took pride in their appearance. Egyptians always wore make-up, created their own one of a kind perfume, and always adorned their body with the finest fabrics. I carry this idea and aura in every piece I wear.

designer(s) preference: Comme des Garçons, Jeremy Scott, and Ne-net.

special order/autumn 2010: My must have Fall 2010 items are most definitely tailored trench coats, genuine Egyptian jewelry, and semi-precious stone accessories.

wear-house: I really don't have a set place where I shop. I mostly shop at vintage boutiques. No one will ever have a clothing article you own!

style pledge: Never give a f**k.


BeauAveree said...

I love it!

Qweet said...

This guy is something A M A Z I N G! He's taught me so much in so little time! His love for fashion awes me :)