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Inside the July 2009 issue of Glamour magazine; featuring cover model -actress Sandra Bullock, star of her new comedy-The Proposal;there was a nifty article entitled Your Top Beauty Problems Solved. I was pretty amazed at the tips and tricks that were secretly obtainable for beauty crazed women like myself. So I decided (being the bountiful chica that I am)-to let you gals in on the fun and effective. Below is Glamour magazines “five beauty problems solved” for under $10 dollars by Petra Guglielmetti.

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1. how to shrink pores- Crafting Clay may be for kids but when it comes to those annoyingly visible pores Guglielmetti recommends an inexpensive remedy –St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask ($4 bucks at drugstores) and if that doesn’t shrivel those skin peeves. How about a protein Mask?-Elena Arboleda, head of aesthetician at Mario Badescu Skin care salon in NYC suggests- “Leaving egg whites on your face for 10 minutes”. Now that’s food for thought!

2.how to fight the Frizz-Coming from a genetically inherited head of naturally curly hair. I myself found this tip –Tasteful if you dare!-To get silky sleek hair Guglielmetti insists that the pros use dark beer. Pour on freshly washed hair, after 2 minutes follow up with a conditioner. And if the sip tip doesn’t do the trick. Shalini Vadhera "CEO of Global Goddess Beauty" suggest a more tropical cure- ‘A weekly coconut –oil scalp massage; its how Indian women keep their hair silky smooth’ she says.

3. how to soften up all over-Head, Shoulders, Knees and Elbows? –the Glamour beauty team swears by a rather fruity supplement for those rough bows. “Rest them in grapefruit halves for five minutes; the citric acid exfoliates” says Guglielmetti. Then “dry and rub in extra-virgin oil”. (“Great for scaly heels too”). “Its rich in Vitamin E” says Macrene Alexiades, "assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine". This is one exfoliating method I ‘Halve’ to try!

4. how to stop breakouts-The beauty Gods have spoken!-two words ‘Salicylic Acid’. “After washing your face thoroughly, put on a 2 percent salicylic acid lotion from the drugstore’’ says Gugliemetti or you can try “Clean &Clear Advantage Acne spot treatment”($6.50). Blemish be Gone!

5. 3 more bargain Fixes-3 is better than 1, Glamour Magazines last but not least beauty fixer uppers. 1. To wake up a tired face add a splash of pink lipstick on those pretty puckers 2. Suffering from Oily hair? –“Try dusting a translucent powder onto roots. And last 3.Got fine lines? -“Use retinol to smooth little lines”

To get the original editorial along with photos-pick up the July 2009 issue of Glamour magazine. In stores now!


Marie-Louise said...

very helpful!

chantelle said...

i totally loved all 5 points. totally needed that. I'm liking the coconut on hair idea.

Ms. Kipora said...

These are all things EVERYONE should know! I love it -Ms. Kipora