I dream of teen

Teen Vogue Event with chic attendees

We’ve all dreamed of one day meeting our favorite designer, model, actress or musician not knowing that all it takes is for you to be in the right place, at the right time. Saturday October 17, 2009 marks the date my dreams came true. Luxe department store Bergdorf Goodman located on 5th avenue at 58th street in New York City ─held the Teen Vogue and Marc by Marc Jacobs shopping event which featured psychic readings, raffles, gifts with purchase, servings of sweet treats and (drum roll please) a chance to meet the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue -Amy Astley, along with Teen Vogue Editors featured in the new─ Teen Vogue Handbook:  an insider’s guide to careers in fashion.

As an aspiring fashion editor─ I’ve always had an absolute love for TEEN VOGUE, From their compact magazine size to their ability to provide teens with innovatively stylish fashion, effective beauty advice along with edifying self awareness and health issues. Recently I purchased the TEEN VOGUE Handbook (on Oct 5- the actual release date) and I love it, it’s a great reference tool for aspiring fashion editors, designers, models and photographers. At the event I had the opportunity to chat with two of TEEN VOGUE cronies ─ Fashion Director Gloria Baume and Fashion News Director Jane Keltner─ these ladies gave great advice and were very affable and to top it off I was able to meet and speak with the Editor in Chief -Amy Astley ─ three words ─ “down to earth”, she signed my TEEN VOGUE Handbook and my November 2009 issue of TEEN VOGUE (talk about euphoric). Below is a photo story of my dream day!


Beena La Bella at the Bergdorf Goodman Teen Vogue and Marc by Marc Jacobs Event

Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue -Amy Astley and I

Teen Vogue Event Scene

Teen Vogue Attendees and St.John's University (Queens, NY)─  Students from left to right Marissa, Ayanna and Danielleanother set of awesome ladies

Psychic Reading  with Lilith - she actually read your handbag it was pretty cool

Teen Vogue Attendees

Teen Vogue Event Scene -Editor in Chief  Amy Astley with Red and black stripped shirt

Teen Vogue Event Scene - Teen Vogue photographer in the background

Bergdorf Goodman mini Kitchen where all the sweets and treats were being served

Stylish wonder and  Teen Vogue Attendee -Lauren Gurland

Teen Vogue Attendees-Cool chicas we had great Convo

stylish wonder and Teen Vogue attendee - Katie Scully


Kecia B said...

Wow! You look so sophisticated. I love the jacket? What a once in a lifetime opportunity. You make me want to go out and buy this book. I definitely will buy this month’s magazine.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

im soo proud of u .... and u look soo fab

Modelizer said...

YAY! Nice meeting you the other day <3

Pretty [&&] Paid said...

Tears:)im sooo Happy for You sis im so loving your blog...must show my love i love you always ttyl muahzzz

beena la bella said...

Thanks Everyone for the Love, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience :)