beenalabella.com attends ed2010 aspiring editors event

On the train headed to the "City of Dreams" ─ NYC!

Treat every opportunity like an occasion ─ Yesterday evening I had the advantage of attending Ed2010 (a website for aspiring magazine editors) happy hour event for fashion editors and aspiring fashion editors; held at the Blue Owl cocktail room located at 196 second avenue btw 12th & 13th St. NY, NY. It was an excellent event for an aspiring fashion editor like myself; the venue was filled with a mixture of magazine associates, aspiring editors, publicists, coordinators and designers.

The ambiance ─ a very relaxed setting rather than boisterous and frantic .During the event I had the gratification of chatting with a couple of cool chicas’ who had fabulous professions. There were two trendy associates from InStyle magazine, Chelsea -a Special Events Coordinator of Blue Owl and her two allies Sadye- (an Earring Designer "Sadye’s Earrings") along with Zoila- a Publicist. A Victoria Secret Publicist who had amazing style, Jordanna- president of “Touch of Pink Public Relations” (www.touchofpinkpr.com), Paige -a Rep for Joonbug.com a Nightlife site (www.joonbug.com/glamdamnit ) , Bruna -an aspiring editor and blogger (www.inridgewoodfashion.wordpress.com) and last─ one of Ed’s “chic cronies”, Jessica -Coordinator of Ed2010 Events. In closing the experience was definitely exciting, edifying and enjoyable-Fin!

If your interested in attending ED2010 future Happy Hour events go to www.ed2010.com


Anonymous said...

I shouldve went w you. How was it Beena? :)-alz(Ymm)

Jordanna said...

It was great meeting you too! Thanks for including my firm and I in your post. Love the site! Let's stay in touch. Btw, here is my site too: www.hautecupoffabulous.com

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Karina. You are really pursuing your dreams keep it up