Corporate Chic: Go BOLD!
Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection “Bold is Mode”

As children we are taught to express ourselves visually and verbally. Audacious statements and obscure drawings are what make us irresistibly adorable. But once we reach adulthood we tend to bottle up the need to be showy and tone down our most appealing trait; Style is one of them. Working in a field were neutrals are safe and anything other is just plan bizarre, makes you wonder if taking the risk will lead you to the top or end up with the- “out of compliance”. This autumn let’s embody the kid in us and Go Bold!. Fashion flair-devil; designer Marc Jacobs has no apprehension of letting his imagination run vigorously. His fall 2009 collection implies conspicuous color, eccentric prints and structure. It may seem unfeasible for the work-place but nothings unattainable; yet fitting if you dare. Below are some sample looks inspired by Mr. MJ himself, it’s up to you if you’re willing to take a walk on the Style side!

Style Personality: Creatively and socially inclined. She has the gift of Gab while still exemplifying efficiency! (Click on photo to enlarge)

Style personality: Preppy yet Chic! She is the brains and beauty of the workplace. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Style Personality: Stylista at heart! She brings sophistication and is very in tune with the duties of the day! (Click on photo to enlarge)


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Holly said...

Love his use of color. One day I looked at my wardrobe and found out it wad all black, gray and beige. These are good colors for your base wardrobe, but it’s nice to add to them a bit of color. You don’t have to be colorful from head to toe, otherwise it can be over the top, but adding one colorful piece can make wonders to your look!

beena la bella said...

Thanks Holly, I so agree :).. I love color but I dont abuse it!