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Creator of Fashion Chalet- Erika Marie

Style blogger Erika Marie creator of Fashion Chalet is the epitome of mode ─but what do we really know about the beauty behind the blog? ─As frequent readers all we perceive is modish clothing, great hair and a list of deluxe designer labels. beenalabella.com decided to get down to the seam ─ in an order that’s pretty random!

favorite color: Purple
favorite designer: YSL classic mixed with a little Alexander McQueen risk-taker (a nice middle would be perfect!)
favorite Food: Salads
favorite Feature: Legs, they're long.
most valuable piece of clothing you own and why: Sam Edelman ankle boots, I dreamed about them day and night, and when I finally got my hands on a pair, the dreaming still did not stop. They are hands down my favorite pair of closed-toe/boot/shoes that I own. =) Thanks to, Nicole.
what Genre of music do your prefer: Indie Rock.
if a song could describe your fashion sense what would it be: Anything by Madonna the classic years; flirty, fun and different.
what's your nationality: French - Cuban - Spanish - American
any beauty advice: Less is more. I love the minimalist approach to makeup: a light gloss, nude lipstick, smokey eyes, mascara and a slightly bronzed blush.
hidden talents:I have a knack for making funny voices. Only my friends & family hear those though.. ;)
how would you describe your personality: Shy, and reserved; at first, but quite talkative once I warm up to you...
lip stick or Lip gloss: Both: Gloss & Lipstick
sequin or lace: Laceeee!
luxe blazer or leather bomber:Leather bomber baby ;)
what's your "must have" for autumn 2009: I want some thigh high boots, skin-tight beauties.
life is like _____a movie, you pick the script_____

check out Erika Maries' blog @ www.fashionchalet.blogspot.com


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, love the way it came out. Thanks for the warm intro too! =)


beena la bella said...

Your soooo Welcome :), I am glad you like!


Holly said...

I agree with Erika’s beauty advice “less is more”. So many people miss it out. If you look good – you don’t need to cover yourself with tons of makeup, and if you’re ugly – probably it won’t help... :)

Young Moms in Motion! said...

Love the post:) It Rocks! I knew it wld though. Erika is an amazing fashionista. I look forward to seeing her futuristic styles..Aly/Ymm