to bey or not to bey?

Queen Bey is once again on the fashion radar. The social networks are instigating a media frenzy over her vacay get-up. Her and husband Rap tycoon─ Jay-Z are presently vacationing in St. Tropez while the paparazzi is having a flicking field day exposing her look. OMG!(via yahoo.com) labeled it“Garish”. In Beyonce's defense,“Fashion is a worn opinion”(via beenalabella.com) if the affluent bootylicious diva is content in her article of clothing ,than so be it, will it ruin her crowning career? Hail No!

What’s your thoughts on Beyonce’s style choice?


Anonymous said...

I think her style choice is wornderful she took a risk and it looks great. All those colors on a tropical vacation is amazing


Crystal H. said...

I love combo minus the bag. Her shape is amazing!!!! Those hips can pull anything off.......take risks, be daring it just might work. This was definitely to Bey!!! Lol

Tiffany said...

Sooo not feeling the look ! She looks confused and messy...Has anyone google her style off stage and behind the scenes without a stylist She's A Hot Mess and its clear that her stylist didn't put this together

Anonymous said...

Um, she truly looks as if she has on a pamper,no one wears panties like the one's she's wearing right now... LOL!!! I love the shorts, the top not so much- with the bottom persay, however, she is grogeous and can pull of anything.... So I guess it's acceptable!!!