sound bite: swedish kiss

Sweet notes crooning in a soft pitch melodic─ Swedish indie singer─ Lykke Li 's music video "little bit" illustrates pure vintage panache sealed with a swedish kiss, while her look utters futuristic chic. Although the video was released in 2009, its timeless features make      it perpetual ,more than just a little bit. visit www.lykkeli.com for more music


Anonymous said...

luv it Karina>>U ROCK beena!!! ;)-ALZ

Mann said...

I dont just blast on bbm I am in here with u ladies getting knowledge about what beenalabella has to offer. I GRIND HARD and I stay on top of the latest and this site has it!!! Thanks Yall, MANN CEO of H-CIDE.

beenalabella said...

Thank you Alz and Mann for the love;) and feedback on my blog it is greatly appreciated, stay tuned for more fresh and fun delivery:)


Ray-Anthony said...

This is one of my favorite Lykke Li tracks! I never knew she had an official video for it.

Awesome post!