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beenalabella.com and RightUpYourAly,
pair up for a (2) on 1 interview with posh jewelry designer Sue Tsai.

Cali' chic─ (bebe powder blue denim distressed mini shorts w/"her own added chain accents", white off shoulder/sleeveless top, passion pink flip flops, accessorized in "her's truly" Sue Tsai jewelry), topped with a rose-dream LV speedy bag; meek with a fresh face (no makeup, non-necessary) & great taste; this describes the free-spirited look of jewelry designer Sue Tsai, while interviewed by Fashion bloggers Karina (beenalabella) and Alyreche (RightUpYourAly). The 23 year old Taiwanese designers avidity to enter the opulent world of jewelry design, emerged from multiple avenues of interest- her parents ownership of a porcelain jewelry line (presently lucrative), while shopping she would come across items that she would love to reconstruct followed by her inner creativity. Tsai fondness for designing lead to her studying graphic design and marketing while attending Hofstra University, Long Island NY, she later launched her collection Sue Tsai Designs in 2007.

 Her influences - “women in her life”; she pays homage by naming each piece after one of them. Style (is) pivotal in Tsai's everyday look but she doesn't break a sweat doing so, she defines her PS' (personal style)-laid-back, simple & glamorous. The piece she adores; we labeled it her “Love it” piece; is the Cynthia Cuff named after her mom. Tsai Taiwanese culture isn't left un-honored, she handpicks flowers, leaves and feathers from distributors in NYC to reflect in her designs, the nature and aspect of its exoticness is inspired by Taiwan. Aside from designing, Sue is a darling of the camera, she models as well. Her prospective endeavors include; opening up stores, branding sunglasses and shoes while extending her collection. A young entrepreneur in the making that has all the ingredients to cook up a mean feast of "Fabulosity".

Sue Tsai Jewelry display

Sue Tsai

beenalabella chatting w/ Sue Tsai

Sue Tsai w/ beenalabella business card

RightUpYourAly complementing "welcome to your life' bracelet

"welcome to my life" 14k bracelet

beenalabella and Sue Tsai

Sue Tsai and RightUpYourAly

Visit www.suetsai.com, facebook: Sue Tsai

Enter the code: "beenalabella" to receive 20% off your entire purchase at www.suetsai.com


Anonymous said...

WOW you just made me speech list with this amazing write up its been awhile and I have been waiting and the wait was worth. Sue Tsai Jewelry is so unique and I love how you wrote the article with words that made you think about how unique her jewelry is before the reader even got to see this designer wonderful pieces.

Pana said...

I love her jewelry maybe I can post a link from my site to hers. I love this post.