bbm style-shot

The blackberry messenger epidemic (aka) BBM is the #1 gadget for sending instant messages, (that’s (if) you own a blackberry cell phone). This trendy tool is such a hit, that the competitive iPhone now offers a BBM App, along with Blackberry advertising a BBM Commercial, my response to the buzz ─ SWEET!. beenalabella.com decided to join in on the fun and create a feature goaded by her favorite, (uploading icon images). As a blackberry owner I’ve scrolled across a few chic images that lured me to hit “view profile and enlarge”, so I thought it would only be fitting to reveal the looks of such hip flicks.

NAME: Shari Elena Power

AGE: 18

BB series: Blackberry Bold 9000

HOMETOWN: Charlotte, NC

PERSONAL STYLE: To sum it up. It would be un-describable Lol

FAV BBM FEATURE: Haha the quick access to fellow Blackberry users :)

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Anonymous said...

I love BBM....its the best thing blackberry could have done and Shari is such a cutie...