sun kiss,

Summertime is all about obtaining healthy glowing skin! Last year I purchased a product that I gave minimal attention to, I had just decided to retire from selling Avon when I invested in the Skin so Soft ‘Satin Glow’ collection.  One of the items in the set was the Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel,$10 (for all skin types). I tried it for about 2 days and stopped without waiting for the promised results; which read as follows: ultra-natural, sun-kissed glow after 3 days, after one week, skin looks and feels tightened and firmed, and after two weeks, minimizes the appearance of hair.  However, I decided to give it a second use and it was absolutely worth it. Besides the alluring fragrance, my skin developed an enhanced Brazilian-like glow (due to my already tanned tone),  I had a smoother and tighter feeling surface before the two week span, and I looked as if the sun kissed me each time I stepped foot out my door.  

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