face time,

We all desire a clear and even skin tone, predominantly on our face. My latest beauty regimen has consisted of a fade cream; due to marks left from prior pimples and an uneven tone. The fade cream I decided to use is Palmers Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream (an oldie but goodie), which was introduced to me by my grandmother back in my late teens (yes, I acclaim her for all my beauty secrets).  

Today I read Allure magazine (August 2013 issue) “Primary Colors” feature, which touched on the anti-aging effects of diverse ethnicities. In the section for women of color, uneven skin tone was the #2 skin issue aside from sagging, and it was confirmation that my desire to revisit my good ole fade cream was a suffice beauty choice. One of the tips regarding fade cream had to do with its main ingredient, Hydroquinone.  Allure’s beauty expert, Fran Cook-Bolden explains that most women of color refuse to try creams with Hydroquinone, apprehensive that their face will be lighter than their body. Her advice for this concern, do not abuse the cream, apply the solution on your dark spots only. Thanks for the tip Fran, now to mix it up, I gathered some creams I’ve used and would like to try.  

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