black out,

I am need in of a major dye job. Ever since I decided to go natural, my natural hair color has sprouted tremendously, leaving my hair two-shaded, brown new growth and black ends. Today I complimented my co-worker on her luminous black hair and asked if she had used Revlon Colorsilk, (which is one of our preferential hair dyes) she replied and said, “No, Garnier Olia”. Coincidentally, I had been considering a new dye brand and Garnier came to mind. Garnier Olia is an oil-based dye that restores hair, leaving it silky and shiny with vivid color. Opposite of most hair dyes, Garnier Olia is 60% oil blend with natural flower oils; this helps with the restoration of the hair. Sounds like a winner, I guess my beauty instinct was on point!

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