Sweetest Scent-phony!

It only makes sense that purchasing the right perfume can add the perfect touch to your ensemble. Personality requires its own aroma. Complete your look with a signature scent -No ink required! The following fragrances listed below each have a hint of floral notes to embrace your femininity .Decide which scent fits you!

“New” Vera Wang “ Look”
Bodaciously beautiful! Put your best heel forward with this scent. Sweet notes of Freesia and lily. Blooming with Jasmine vanilla. $45-$90

Juicy Couture “Viva la Juicy”
Pretty woman! Where she goes all the Guys follow. An enticing fragrance with accents of honeysuckle, gorgeous gardenia and wild berries. $65-$85 http://www.sephora.com/

“New”DKNY Be Delicious “Fresh Blossom”
Smell the roses! Spring in the season wearing this appealing scent. A sweet mix of grapefruit, apricot, jasmine and rose. $40-$70

Harajuku Lovers “Baby”
Baby Doll! Luscious Long tresses with powder pink dresses. A fresh blend of Freesia, violet, white rose and bergamot. $30-$45 http://www.sephora.com/


Anonymous said...

Congratulation! On your successful launch of Beena La Bella. I absolutely love it. Beena La Bella - Fashionable, Knowledgeable, Sophisticated and Expressive!

Princess said...

This is exquisite! You have a way of making your words POP and entertaining. Looking forward to more. Love you

Anonymous said...

OMG! THIS BLOG IS SO FAB! I'm in love with the clean look. And the text is so informative! I'm going shopping just for these products A.S.A.P! Thank you sooo much Beena La Bella! I'll be watching for more.

Anonymous said...

U did it Hun! I am so proud of you and you know what I have always believed in you. i have those 3 frangrances already but I am glad that your blog is giving the information we need out here as fashion curiosity increases. You keep giving the gift of gabb meaning filling our minds with positive and meaning tips to all fashion profiles. Everyone has there own type of style but mix that with advice and tips, your style and swag can be even better. whats wrong with that =..Thxx hun;-). Love ya!-Alz

Anonymous said...

Your style is beautiful and rare. More success shall promptly follow.

Anonymous said...

My sister is a big fan of the Harajuku Lovers “Baby” perfume but I never know the name just by coming to you blog I got the name of it and plan to buy it for her

Beena La Bella
Keep up the good work

Kiyah said...

OMG!! Im loving this this blog. It is very professional and very well written.Im lookin forward to reading more. Keep up the excellent work. Love U sooo much..


beena la bella said...

Thanks Everyone for the Positive feedback, I truly appreciate it!. You all keep me motivated. Stay tuned for more fabulous features to come !

-Beena la Bella