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Sassy and Sweet, all things Chic! That’s what “MoNeYoNtHErOckKs” is made of. This 19 year old upcoming designer screams “Fabulosity” .She has a keen eye for defining the female body with figure enhancing designs sprinkled with ladylike hues. –beenalabella.com introduces the beauty behind the brand Moneysha Walker”.

BLB: When did you start designing?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: I began designing about 2005/2006... I believe it was within my junior yr of high school.

BLB: What inspired you to become a designer?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: Since I was a little girl I always used to be into sketching and was big on designer clothes. I believe my first favorite designer was Moschino and I was in like the 3rd grade. Lol, so I always knew that designing would eventually be my forte.

BLB: How would you describe your personal style?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: Hmmm... My style, I think.. is one of a kind. I love thrift shops, boutiques, Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg and American Apparel. I have a dying love for designer bags and shoes. I'm a laid back person so I’m not really flashy with it, I don't always like for people to know what I’m wearing and I don't like wearing what everyone else is wearing. If I can look at someone's outfit and tell where they got their outfit from, that's totally boring to me.

BLB: How would you describe the style of your designs?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: Well my clothing line is a lifestyle brand that's designed to cultivate the fashionista in anyone who wears it.

BLB: What is your muse?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: I'd have to say magazines. I get a lot of my inspirations from Vogue, Nylon, Elle, Missbehave, etc.. But my biggest inspiration would have to be none other than Heatherette. I loveeee them because they are so risqué and very diverse and fun with their designs.

BLB: How did you come up with your clothing line name and what is the meaning behind it? MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: Lol, I was actually trying to come up with a screen name.. and MoNeYoNtHErOckKs just popped into my head, and I was like hey, I think I want that to be the name of my clothing line! Lol. The meaning behind MoNeYoNtHErOckKs is "Be who you are". I hate to see people who go hard to fit in. Just be yourself, 365 days a year. Because at the end of the day I’d like to think you'd rather be loved for who you are, than hated for who you're not.

BLB: What fabrics do you like to use?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: I like to use a variety or different colors whether it be cotton, satin, silk, nylon, or elastic. I also like to use metallics, denims, crystals and anything else that would just make the garment "POP!"

BLB: Where do you see yourself in the future?
MoNeYoNtHErOckKs: I'm going to be wealthy by the age of 21. Notice I say wealthy because some people don't understand the difference between "rich" and "wealthy". I'd like to go to sleep at night knowing while I’m on my 4th dream I’m also making a few millions, and that no matter what, me and my loved ones would never struggle. I'm a very motivated individual, I've always been. I shoot for the stars, go for whatever it is believe in and follow my dreams. If you have a talent, put it to use and make the best out of it. Don't ever let anyone tell you different from what you believe.

Below are some photos from “MoNeYoNtHErOckKs” fashion show at Columbia University. All designs by Moneysha Walker.

Check out more of Moneysha's Designs@ www.myspace.com/moneyontherockks


Anonymous said...

I need to see more of Moneysha's designs...I think they're so beautiful and edgy all at once. I love it -Ms. Kipora

Anonymous said...

Moneysha's stuff is wonderful and I think her unique eye for fashion is spectacular :-D

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Fabulous designs and photos!! She is very talented. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

MoNeYsHa Stuff is great she is very talented im glad you decided to show her style to us..

Keep up the work you and moneysha

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hi Benna:
thank you for visiting my blog! You have a cute blog going on here....I would add links if I were you. And then just start asking around to exchange links with other bloggers that blog similar to you! : )

Jen Ramos
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Kesha E. said...

Her Designs are cute!!!! You rock for this interview