Time to Pretend!

Play up your wrist with a variety of time pieces. Add one of these trendy numbers to your accessories list. Time never looked so Good! Gold Rush: Michael Kors ‘Rectangle Bracelet Watch’ $250.00 www.nordstrom.com

Charm School: Betsey Johnson ‘Leopard Heart and Charms bracelet watch’ $175.00 www.betseyjohnson.com

Playful Plastics: TOYWATCH ‘Plasteramic Collection’ Fluorescent Watch $195.00 www.toywatchusa.com also available in bright pink, bright green and bright Orange

Digital Diva: Adidas ‘Wooser Collection’ Watch $75.00 www.nordstrom.com


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I'm loving this girl!!! Keep doing ya thang :)

Anonymous said...

I need that addidas watch, for when i go running, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I seen that charm watch on this girl in mall and didnt know who made it. Thanks to Beena La Bella I know who made it.

Thank You

Keep Doing Your Thing

beena la bella said...

Thanks for the Love everyone I truly appreciate it !!


Lobelia said...

Watches are practical accessories:)

Vanessa said...

I love toywatches at the mo but can't find an affordable white one anywhere.........i want the chanel j12!