jenna styles,

President and Executive Creative Director to the brightly preppy yet genteel J. Crew collection; Jenna Lyons, 44, is the quintessence of a girl on fire. Starting her career at 21, she heightened the concept of working from the bottom up in style and distinct grace. Jenna made her first impact as a J.Crew menswear assistant and now oversees the entire direction of the collection. She fashions the JC look with her sartorially smart mixes, garbing her face with her signature black frames. However, Jenna is not a newbie to beenalabella.com; she was highlighted in my 2011 “Style Power” post. What inspires me about this chic individual, is her need to express, in Maire Claire’s May 2013 @Work issue, that there is no such thing as overnight success, you don’t have to have everything right away. I concur with Lyons because I feel that a solid foundation is the heart of a successful career. Keep doing what you love and what you love will become what you do! -beenalabella 

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