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celebrity eyewear designer Stevie Boi
beautiful nightmare─ celebrity eye wear designer Stevie Boi emulates art with an obscurely chic; sense of structure. “My design Aesthetic is based around my nightmares and imagination it’s never to be taken too serious”; explains Stevie. SB experimented with the art of designing at a tender age─ “When I was a little kid in Germany I designed my mother a Morticia dress. She was like I am going to beat you’re a**!" Lmao! I had cut up her curtains. Also, I would make sunglasses out of head scarves. I remember seeing Paris Hilton wore bug eye glasses, Grace Jones wore a lot of shades that covered her entire face and I think she is everything”. The melodramatic designers’ initial start was in 2009, cycle three ANTMEva Pigford set the eye-cing on the cake, sporting the whimsically contoured eyewear in Obvious Magazine.

behind the lens:
I was born here in America (Country Boy) Flew to Germany, London, Paris and Italy for a total of seven years. Constantly influenced by different culture, fashion & language.

origin of Stevie Boi:
My name is very long, funny and just weird so I took my grandmas nick-name she gave me and made it more pronounced. It was originally STeeBo (so country)

celebs wearing SB:
Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Teyanna Taylor, Trina, Young Joc, Tierra Marie, Lisa Raye, Meagan Good, Columbus Short, Ester Dean, B Scott, Michelle Rodriguez, and many more.

I use a lot of metals, Plastic and now I’m about to switch to a luxurybrand so I’ll be using a lot more wood etc.

fresh press:
Just had my shades on last month’s cover of YRB magazine with Olivia Munn as well as a page in V magazine and other publications.

To extend it beyond the eye. Usually people see something and their over it! (I’m the same way) but it’s great to stretch something with a visual give people more then what they expect outside of just shades etc.

style mix:
My personal style is very Grimy mixed fused with Grace Jones and w/e I can throw on that day lolz

SB "the woods collection" 2010

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