designer update: october's own ' happy 21st birthday MW!

photo courtesy of www.sequinsofevents.com

Ambitious girl─within a year; with drive & dreams, your entire world can evolve, fashion designer/blogger Moneysha Walker- Moneyontherockks designs, is the epitome of revolutionary. I can recall the first time I met Ms. Walker , it was in 2008 through the former cyber hot-spot─ myspace.com, her profile photo at the time was a (self -designed) denim frock that hinted all things flirtatiously chic. We briefly chatted via inbox establishing a defined understanding of each other’s present aspirations. Threading forward─ in 2009 after viewing MW designs, Walker and I collaborated for an interview following the launching of beenalabella.com, it was my first feature designer ─April 2009 behind the seams: moneyontherockks. Poshly present─ Walker has clicked her 7 inch heels in a manifold of smart foundations, (grab a pen & pad aspiring fashion designers, time to take notes).

I recollect asking Moneysha a year ago, in the April 2009 interview─ Where do you see yourself in the future? ─ her reply left a perpetual imprint - she stated; "I'm going to be wealthy by the age of 21. Notice I say wealthy because some people don't understand the difference between "rich" and "wealthy". I'd like to go to sleep at night knowing while I’m on my 4th dream I’m also making a few millions, and that no matter what, me and my loved ones would never struggle. I'm a very motivated individual, I've always been. I shoot for the stars, go for whatever it is I believe in and follow my dreams. If you have a talent, put it to use and make the best out of it. Don't ever let anyone tell you different from what you believe". After reading such an audacious statement, I knew shooting stars didn’t just exist at night.

Today marks Moneysha Walkers 21st Birthday; her succeeding endeavors endorse such an optimistic approach. Trending Timeline: October 2009 she created her luxe fashion blog www.sequinsofevents.com , April 2010 launched AW/10 Collection , May 2010 unveiled her collections website www.moneyontherockks.com , September 2010 www.shopsequins.blogspot.com a site designed for viewers to shop MW’s vintage wardrobe , shoes, handbags, accessories and trendy pieces ; sleekly seamed with a vast unfolding of Press releases ,click here. Moneysha's words for striving designers, " Make sure you're ready for the industry and all that comes with it. The good and the bad. Don't ever let anyone kill your ambition, your drive and stay focused. Humble yourself to the top”.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when you did the write up on Moneysha congrats to her and I hope she continues to be focused but look at you the writer beenalabella you have come so far in such a short time congrats to both of yall

keep up the good work