welcome to the doll house

I originally met Victoria Shelton founder/owner of Paper Doll Boutique through a mutual friend in 2007. Since then I’ve been nothing but jubilant over her booming success as a young entrepreneur. Victoria started her own business at 19, while most wouldn’t deem investing in such a consuming profession at a young age, she executed her venture with style, wits and poise. 3 years later; reigning at 23, Victoria continues to fashion Brooklyn with her signature dollhouse motif. Above is a Paper Doll Boutique promo video inside the dollhouse!

Victoria Shelton and Partner Ali Kirkland


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never heard of her before now. It's wonderful to be enlightened about powerful, young women making their mark entrepreneurially!! The shoes in the promo video are hot! Keep up the good work keeping us informed!!! ~Tishaluv1

Anonymous said...

The promo video is hot and her boutique loos really fly and stylish